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Property Management

Flexible Management

The services we offer to condominium associations, owners of apartment buildings, and to individuals who rent out their units all bear the identical hallmark. We do the tasks that need to be done, in exactly the manner that you envision. Each of our maintenance programs is tailored to your needs. From the day-to-day custodial tasks such as cleaning hallways or shoveling snow, to the larger issues involving financial reports and legal matters, we operate in the best interest of our clients. We work for many discerning apartment building owners.

Our attention is focused on collections, day-to-day repairs, and the needs of tenants. We provide monthly financial reports, thorough tenant screening, the best rates for insurance and oil heating, and 24-hour on-call maintenance seven days a week.

Condominium associations require a complex array of financial services involving the collection of monthly fees, special assessments and paying bills. At Capitol Realty Group, Inc. we maintain the annual budget and keep separate accounts by category, be it insurance, maintenance, supplies or repairs. Our monthly financial statements are comprehensive and easy to read. By working closely with the Board members of each association, every decision is the result of collaboration.

For major improvements, we hire and supervise contractors, sub-contractors and service providers. Competitive bids are submitted to the Board for approval. The management of individual condominiums is a service that is also available for units that are owned by investors.

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